From Self-healing to healing others
Private Healer course
This is a 3 months course to become a professional healing practitioner. This course includes attunements, meditation courses, and healing theories + practices.
Overview of the course

It takes time to learn a healing method. One will also need a constant follow-up to become a professional. Here is the 3 months course to start your healing journey.

This course is

  • private
  • 3 months duration
  • 18 hours face to face classes

You will have

  • every day home practice
  • online support for 3 months
  • a certification of completion

This course could be semi-private only with your family member or close friends. Discount will be applied depends on the number of people.

Activate dormant skill

I will perform several ways of attunements during 3 months. You will need to practice at home to adjust yourself to the new healing frequencies. Attunement is like showing you a way to a destination and go together. You will practice at home to reach there by yourself using meditation methods.

You will receive

  • Reiki Attunements
  • Energy healing attunement 1
  • Energy healing attunement 2

You will be able to

  • resonate with the healing energy
  • transmit the healing energy
To train your mind
Meditation course

It is essential to keep the mind steady and clear during healing practices. The best way to train your mind is meditation. You will learn several methods of meditation that are beneficial for healers. You will learn to be meditative and not being distracted or deluded by the mind.

You will learn meditation for

  • self-healing
  • stress management
  • professional healers

You will be able to

  • control the mind
  • create harmony with the mind
  • perceive the world differently
Experience the healing process

It is essential to experience the healing process by yourself to heal others. Even if you do not have a health issue, you will be energized, happier, and healthier. Healing is not just a healing health issue but also increasing the quality of life by understanding the mechanism of life.

You will learn

  • healthy and unhealthy body
  • healthy food and behavior
  • Self healing practices

We can focus on

  • your health issue
  • your interests
it’s time to return the favor
Healing others

You will be confident day by day. There is a point where you are transmitting energy and it is overflowing from you. It’s time to share it with others.

You will learn

  • general theory of diagnosis
  • general theory of treatments
  • and more

You will be able to

  • facilitate a healing
  • increase the quality of life
  • and more
To enjoy more
Optional learnings

Moxibustion heats and stimulates specific points. It helps open the blockage and balance of your body and mind.

Head and foot massage

Massaging specific points of the head and feet will help clear your mind and release mental stress and tension.

Herbal Stamp therapy

Heating specific points with cotton stamps that contain herbs and oil. It is suitable for calming stress and mental instability.

For the best Results
Package Plan
20% off from regular price
No expiration date
Shareable with your family
Suitable for intensive treatment
Suitable for regular treatment
Private 3 classes (6 hours in total)
3 Reiki Treatments
Learning 3 types of home remedies
Suitable for who wants to manage stress
Suitable for who needs treatment at home
Private 5 classes (10 hours in total)
5 Reiki treatments
4 hours meditation course
Learning self-care treatment
Suitable for who needs to manage stress