for the best result
Prepare for your session
1. Check the Confirmation email

Please check if you received a confirmation of your appointment. If you have not received one, please do not hesitate to contact me by SMS at +32493992315.

2. Come to my practice

My practice is easy to access.

By car: There are free car parking spaces on the streets near my practice.

By bus: the nearest stop is Meeuwen / Mouettes BUS 36. (3 minutes by foot)

By metro: the closest stop will be Hanker or Pétillon line 5 (12 minutes by foot).

My address:
Armand Scheitler 56,
1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

3. How we proceed with your session.
  • Consultation (5 min)

I’ll explain how to proceed with your session. If you have something to inform me of, please do not hesitate.

  • Healing Treatment (35 – 40 min)

You will lie on a healing table or sit on a chair. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes for your relaxation.

  • Review (5 min)

Please ask if you have any questions,

  • Feedback 

Please do not hesitate to contact me after your session. I am happy to hear from you.

4. Payment

There are 4 options.

  1. Cash 
  2. Payconiq – Smartphone banking app
  3. bank transfer – your bank may charge an additional fee to transfer
  4. Paypal – Paypal may charge an additional fee to transfer

If you choose cash or Payconiq, I will ask you to pay on the appointment day.
If you prefer bank transfer or Paypal, please transfer the fee by the date of your appointment.

For bank transfer, here is my account.

Name: Atsushi Kubo
Account number:  BE07 3631 6806 4866
Bank: ING
Message: Appointment date.

For Paypal, I will send you an invoice. 

5. Cancellation or Late Arrival

I understand that an unexpected event happens. If you need to cancel or will be late for your appointment, please contact me as soon as possible.

In case you are late, I will inform you if I can still provide you with a service or reschedule is required.

Contact: +32493992315  (SMS or Phone call)

For more details, please check cancellation policy for more details.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Best wishes
Atsushi Kubo