FAQ Reiki Alternative Medicine
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Coming to Shizen
FAQ Reiki Alternative Medicine

Is it easy to park a car near your practice?

Yes, there are always spaces on the streets near my practice for free. If you are not sure where to park, please do not hesitate to ask me when you arrive. 

What is the nearest metro / tram station or bus stop?

For Metro and Tram, it is Pétillon metro station. My practice is walking distance from the station, approximately 15 minutes.

For bus, please use Meeuwen / Mouettes (Line 36). It is 3 minutes walk from the stop.

What kind of clothes should I wear for a Reiki or energy healing session?

It is always better to be comfortable. Please bring or wear any comfortable clothes. Those clothes which tighten your body such as tight jeans are not recommended. 

How should I prepare for a reiki or energy healing session?

I would recommend to get yourself in better physical condition.

Please avoid the points below a few days before. If it is not possible, at least one day before. 

  • drinking too much alchohol, coffee, and strong tea. 
  • eating too much spicy, sweet foods, and oily foods.
  • being awake until late at night
  • Listening too loud music
  • Excessive physical hard work 

If there is a question, please do not hesitate to contact me

I arrived earlier. Can we start my session earlier than appointment time?

I am available 15 minutes before your appointment. If you arrive earlier, please don’t hesitate to ring the bell.

In case a session is ongoing or I cannot answer 15 minutes before, I will inform you about it in advance.

I have symptoms of cold or flu. Could I still come for a session?

Unfortunately, no. Please cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

General cold or flu symptoms are

  • Cough
  • High temperature
  • Headache
About Payment
FAQ Reiki Alternative Medicine

When and how should I pay the fee?

I have 4 payment methods. 

  1. Cash 
  2. Smartphone banking app – Bancontact  or Payconiq
  3. Bank transfer – your bank may charge an additional fee to transfer
  4. Paypal – Paypal may charge an additional fee to transfer

If you choose 1. cash or 2. Payconiq, I will ask you to pay at my practice.

If you prefer 3. bank transfer or 4 Paypal, please make sure your fee is transferred by the date of appointment day.

Do you accept a Visa or Mastercard?

I am sorry that I do not have a device for Vida or Mastercard. I have 4 payment options. Please choose one of them which is convenient for you.

  1. Cash 
  2. Smartphone banking app – Bancontact  or Payconiq
  3. Bank transfer – your bank may charge an additional fee to transfer
  4. Paypal – Paypal may charge an additional fee to transfer

To avoid the additional fee, I recommend cash or Smartphone banking app.

Do you issue factuur or tax invoice?

Yes. I do.

Please make sure that

  • your payment is completed by the date of your visit
  • you send me your information below
    • Your company name,
    • VAT / BTW number,
    • Company address
    • Payment method (Cash, Payconiq, Bank transfer, or Paypal)
    • The purpose of the expense – if you want to specify by yourself.

What is your bank account to transfer the fee?

Here is my business account. 

Name: Atsushi Kubo
Account Number: BE07 3631 6806 4866
Bank: ING
Message: Your appointment date

REIKI and energy healing
FAQ Reiki Alternative Medicine

Is your healing hands-off or hands-on?

I generally use hands-off for all healings. If you choose Reiki, you can choose hands-on, which is a traditional way.

  • Reiki – You can choose hands-off or hands-on (only head and shoulder).
  • Energy Healing – It is hands-off.

How often should I come for a session?

It depends on your situation. Let’s decide on the first session.

Any healing methods will not solve a health issue with a single session. From my experience, it takes continuous sessions or a healer training to see successful results.

Having said that, you may want to know a general guideline. Suppose you have a health issue, I recommend taking it a few times a week. If you are healthy but want to increase or tune your energy, I recommend taking it once or twice a month. 

Little by little, you will know when you should take a session. This is an important skill to know your mind and body condition.

Is there a way to keep the healing energy after a session?

Yes, there are several ways.

The healing energy that you felt in the session may gradually decrease. It depends on your situation, but it could last a day to a week.

The main reason for losing the vibration is negative emotions such as fear and worry. You will need the skill to keep focusing on the healing energy by meditation. Please consult with me on how to.

The best way is to take healer course to learn how to connect to the healing energy and learn meditation methods for self-healing, stress management, and professional healers. Once you can practice healing by yourself, you can choose to be connected to the energy anytime you want. I chose this way for many reasons and I recommend this way. 

In short, the several ways are to

  1. Take sessions regularly – the easiest way but not efficient.
  2. Learn meditation to keep focusing on the energy. – Right direction. 
  3. Take healer course – The best way for many good reasons.
Healing practitioner and Reiki Course
FAQ Reiki Alternative Medicine

What is the prerequisite of the healer course?

I recommend you take my Reiki or Energy healing sessions a few times to understand what skill you will learn and achieve. Once you start the course, you will need at least 1 hour every day for your practice.

What is the difference between Reiki courses and Healing Professional course?

If you would like to learn only about Reiki healing, I recommend choosing one of my Reiki healing courses. If you are interested in all the knowledge and technique that I learnt in 30 years such as  Energy healings, Moxibustion, Oil massage, and Self Shiatsu, I recommend selecting the Healing Professional course.

Do you have "online" healer course?

This healer course is not an online program. It includes training and attunement sessions which are difficult to explain or practice online. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information if an online healer course is the only option for you. I am planning to make a group weekend course who cannot come regularly .

When and how should I pay the course fee?

It depends on the payment methods.

  1. Cash 
  2. Payconiq – Smartphone banking app
  3. bank transfer – your bank may charge an additional fee to transfer
  4. Paypal – Paypal may charge an additional fee to transfer

If you choose 1. cash or 2. Payconiq, I will ask you to pay for the first class.

If you prefer 3. bank transfer or 4 Paypal, please make sure your course fee is transferred by the date of first-class. 

Do you accept payment in installements?

Yes, please contact me for more details.  

What is your refund policy?

There may be an unexpected situation that you cannot continue the 3 months course. If it is the case, I refund by following the simple refund policy below.

Example of refund:

  • The course fee is 1650 euro (Sep 2022)
  • You received the home remedy and meditation practice materials (150 Euro value)
  • You have attended 6 classes out of 9 classes. You could not attend the rest of 3 classes and would like to get a refund of 3 classes.


  1. 1650Euro (course fee) – 150Euro (course materials) = 1500 Euro 
  2. 1500 Euro will be divided by the total number of classes.
    (e.g. Course fee:1500 Euro / 9 classes  = 166 Euro / class)
  3. I will refund the amount of the fee of a class times the number of class you do not take.
    (e.g. 166 Euro x 3 classes left = 498 Euro will be refunded to you)

This course is a great opportunity to learn multiple healing methods intensively. Please try to complete the course as much as you can. If there is a concern before you apply, please do not hesitate to contact me

Do you issue a certificate?

Yes, I issue a certificate for completion of the course by the name of Shizen. 

What is the semi-private healer course?

Semi-private course is for you when you want to attend healer course with your family members or close friends.
A discount will be applied. Please contact me for the details.

Do you support to start a healing activity after the course?

I am happy to guide you to start your successful healing activity. For example, you will need to work on VAT/BTW registration, accounting,  building your homepage, advertising, decorating your room, involving in a healing community, etc. There are many things to do, but we can help each other.

Will you collaborate with me to hold a healer course for my clients?

Yes, I am happy to collaborate with you. Let’s create a energetic healing community.

Do you have more questions?
Please contact me.