Reiki Healing Brussels
The original Reiki healing transmitted in Japan
Reiki Treatment + Practice
You will receive a reiki treatment and learn how to generate reiki energy in your hands.
Enjoy relaxation and a new reiki experience.
€60 / 60 minutes
To Enjoy Reiki

Reiki Healing Brussels


The key to enjoy Reiki is to relax. I will guide you to a relaxed state using a unique method. You can choose hands-on (head, shoulders, upper chest, and back) or hands-off healing. If you are new to Reiki, it will be better to choose hands-on. If you have received several or more Reiki sessions, you may be interested in hands-off.

You can choose

  • lie down on a healing table
  • Sit on chair

You can choose

  • Hands-on 
  • Hands-off 
TO receive Reiki

Reiki Healing Brussels

During the session

Everybody feels Reiki energy differently. Some may feel an uplifting sensation or deep relaxation. Some may be able to perceive the energy flows in your body or outside of your body. In any case, Reiki will work on you holistically and work on the place where needs the Reiki the most.

You can also enjoy

  • deep meditative state
  • mind awake & body asleep state
  • energetic body and mind

Important things are to

  • relax (neither expectation nor thinking)
  • open to new experience
  • enjoy a session
To keep the REIKI effect

Reiki Healing Brussels

Learn how to do Self-Reiki

You experience deep relaxation, and you want to keep the positive feeling as long as possible. I will share how to generate Reiki in your hands. You can practice self-healing at home using this method. 

To keep an energetic state, I will

  • diagnose your cases
  • share Reiki practice  
  • share naturopathic advice

You will learn what decreases your energy

  • Wrong foods and drinks 
  • Wrong mindsets
  • and more by checking your body constitution
Reiki Healing by a Japanese practitioner in Brussels
About Reiki

Could I really generate reiki energy?

Yes, you can. I will guide you step by step. From the first day, you will experience the energy between your palms. You can practice reiki using this method at home.

How often should I come for Reiki session?

Please do not hesitate to contact me with the details of your situation and goal.

Here is the general guideline.

  • If you have severe health complaints, I recommend taking it once a week. 
  • if you want to maintain a healthy life, I recommend taking it once a month.
  • If you want to increase your energy, I recommend taking it at least twice a month or taking a reiki course.

Our reiki sessions will focus not only on treatment but also on learning how to do self-healing at home. 

Is Reiki hands-off or hands-on?

Most of Reiki practitioner in Japan does hands-on. It is very relaxing and easy to feel the reiki energy.

In my practice, you can choose

  • hands-on – head, shoulders, upper chest, and back. (belly and legs also possible by your requests)
  • hands-off – no touch

Reiki energy point of view, hands-on and hands-off do not make any difference. From my experience, hands-on may make you feel physically more relaxed than hands-off. You can try both treatments and choose which is suitable for you.

Is there a way to keep the healing energy after a session?

Yes, there are several ways. You can maintain the relaxation and even increase it.

The healing energy you felt in the session may gradually decrease because of negative emotions such as fear and worry. You will need the skill to focus on the healing energy by meditation. Please consult with me on how to.

The best way is to take a healer course to learn how to connect to the healing energy and learn meditation methods for self-healing, stress management, and professional healers. Once you can practice healing by yourself, you can choose to be connected to the energy anytime you want.

What is the difference between Reiki and Energy healing?

I practice Reiki by following the traditional Reiki practice, which is transmitted only in Japan. On the other hand, I practice Energy healing by combining 4 different techniques that I learned in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

The difference is the history and philosophy behind the tradition and also the technique.

I feel a slight difference from the energy point of view, but the source of energy must be the same. We say that there are many rivers in the world, but all flow into one ocean.

What is the cleansing reaction after a reiki session?

There are mainly 2 reactions after a session.

  1. relaxed or energised
  2. very sleepy or tired

Both 1 and 2 are good reactions. If you are very tired or have a disorder, your body starts the healing process immediately. That’s why you feel very sleepy after a session. If this is the case, please drink enough water and go to bed. Next morning, you will feel refreshed. I often see the reaction when clients are overstressed, they sleep very deeply for a few days and recovered well. 

General Questions

Is it easy to park a car near your practice?

Yes, there are always spaces on the streets near my practice for free. If you are not sure where to park, please do not hesitate to ask me when you arrive. 

What kind of clothes should I wear for a session?

Please bring or wear any comfortable loose fit clothes. Those clothes which tighten your body such as slim jeans are not recommended. 

What kind of payment options do you have?

There are 4 options.

  1. Cash 
  2. Payconiq – Smartphone banking app
  3. bank transfer – your bank may charge an additional fee to transfer
  4. Paypal – Paypal may charge an additional fee to transfer

If you choose 1. cash or 2. Payconiq, I will ask you to pay on the appointment day.

If you prefer 3. bank transfer or 4 Paypal, please make sure your fee is transferred by the date of appointment day.

Are you interested in more FAQ?
Please check FAQ page.
Do you have more questions?
Please contact me.
Do you want to try?
Please make an appointment.

Reiki Healing Brussels

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