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Hello, I am Atsushi from Japan.

I’ve been researching how to live in harmony with nature using health treatments, meditation, vegetarian / vegan food, and physical training. I believe those lead us to a healthy and happy life. I use traditional and authentic methods, which are not only for healing the body and mind issues but also for self-improvement.

My partner Judith from Kaigen.org and I are working hard to make a retreat house by combining all our services. It is our dream to provide a place to share the healthier and happier way of living. 

If you are interested in why I am in healing treatment, here is my story.

It was when I was 14 years old. One day, I woke up and found that I could not lift my right arm because of pain. I went to see several doctors, but there was no any physical abnormalities. It seemed it was related to a neural function. As it didn’t get well for more than a month, it seemed it would never get better. My parents decided to take me to a healer. It was 1992.

I remember the healer meditated for a short period of time and put his hand on my head and then right shoulder. He softly pressed the exact point that hurt and asked me whether it is the place or not. I just could nod, meaning yes.

Every time I received his treatment, my shoulder got better and better. Since then, I often felt that I could project a sort of energy outside of my body. It was like I could extend my tactile sense over my physical body and touch something. Now, it is a science fact that we are beyond our physical body, but at that time, for a 14-year-old boy, the physical body was the end of my existence. So, I just had kept the bizarre feeling in me.

Once, I asked a healer whether I could be able to be a healer. I was around 21 years old at that time. I remember she told me that I should get more life experiences and know whom we really are. She suggested me that being a healer at the age of 50 would be a good start too. She insisted if I really can help one person, it’s worth to devote my whole life to a healing practice.

I thought I could be a healer right away. I continued joining classes and received attunements from several healing institutions to be a “certified” healer. But the truth is that I was not seriously in healing.  I think I was too young. I had done things as many young people would do. Eventually, those led me to experience this human life very well.

Life can be total suffering on one side. We always want to be happy, but it is quite difficult to achieve it. The healer’s advice was right. I needed a life experience to build my consistent intention to heal people and improve the quality of our life by learning compassion to others through my sufferings.

At the age of 33, I decided to learn healing from scratch. I have restudied in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. I could get to know gifted healers and masters. Now, the connections are a treasure of my life. Healing is not only a way of healing diseases but also a way to improve my life.

Now, I would like to give my generous master’s knowledge back to society. It worked to me, and I am sure it works for the others too.

So, here I am.

I think we all know how to be happy although we cannot start the path for many reasons.

We just start it now. That’s all.

Best wishes,
Atsushi Kubo

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Avenue Armand Scheitler 56,
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Authentic methods

My masters are all lineage holders who protect their teachings. I will share their wisdom as they are.

Japanese Quality

I import most of the treatment materials from Japan. You will experience the Japanese quality services.

Peaceful ambience

Our treatment room is a traditional style with tatami mats. The fragrance of Japanese incense will create a unique ambiance.

main Services

Reiki Treatment

The original Japanese Reiki which was transmitted only in Japan. I practice it following the original instructions. Relax and enjoy the peace in your mind, body, and spirit.

€50 / session
Energy Healing

Energy healing increases the energy flow in your body and helps release negative energy and blockage. Your natural healing mechanisms regain the original strength to heal yourself.

€50/ session
Healer Course

A private and intense 3 months healer course. It includes Attunement, meditation classes, and all instructions to become a professional healer from self-healing to healing others.

€1600/ 3 months
Treatment Room

Our treatment room is a traditional style with tatami mats. The fragrance of Japanese incense will create a unique ambiance for better relaxation and an exceptional experience.


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