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Reiki Brussels

Hello, I am Atsushi from Japan. I’m an alternative medicine practitioner. I’ve been treating disorders such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, overstress/ burn-out, and indigestion using holistic approaches such as naturopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, reiki healing, vegetarian food, and physical training. For more details, please check about me.

my practice is in
Brussels, Belgium
Avenue Armand Scheitler 56,
1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre
Open from 11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Please make an appointment for your visit
I am specialised in the symptoms below. I will diagnose your specific case to provide proper treatments. 
€80/ 70 minutes session
Including Medicine and/or Treatment
alternative medicine Brussels

There are many reasons of sleeping disorders. I use the holistic approach to fix them one by one.

alternative medicine Brussels

I will soften the cause of draining energy and also deepen your sleep quality to recover day by day.

alternative medicine Brussels

I will guide you to a completely relaxed state by integrating the body and mind. The right decision starts from there.

alternative medicine Brussels

There are unexpected or hidden causes of indigestion. I will guide you through the process of improving them for a healthier life.

alternative medicine Brussels

A holistic approach is the best to avoid and prevent unnecessary headaches. We can work together to regain your body and mind balance.

alternative medicine Brussels

Skin quality changes by age. Alternative medicine can provide internal and external therapies to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

All treatments include alternative medicine consultation (food, behaviour, medicine, and external therapy advice) by your request.
Kobido Facial Lymph drainage massage
Face lymph drainage massage

Traditional Japanese facial massage stimulates the lymphatic system, facial muscles, and acupuncture points to rejuvenate your skin, make a natural smile, and relax your entire body and mind. 

€75/ 60 minutes

Reiki Brussels Shizen
Reiki Treatment

The service includes the original Japanese reiki treatment and also self-healing training. You will enjoy the relaxation and learning how to use Reiki at home.

€70 / 70 minutes
reiki healing brussels
Energy Healing

This service includes energy healing treatment and training on how to use the energy. Energy healing increases the energy flow in your body and helps release negative energy and blockage. 

€70/ 70 minutes


The Reiki course has 4 levels. You can choose the path according to your goals.
Currently, June and July are fully booked. 
A small group course will start in September –> Registration is now open
Reiki Brussels
Group REIKI Course
(Level 1 – 3)

This is a small group course on weekends. In two months, you can learn Reiki levels 1 to 3. After you complete the course, you can join our free monthly gathering for more advanced practices.

€1200/ person
installments available

Japanese Healing Practitioner Course
PriVate REIKI Course
(Level 1 – 3)

This is a private two-month Reiki course. I can arrange this course for your needs. You can progress at your own pace. After you complete the course, you can join our free monthly gathering for more advanced practices.

€1600/ person
installments available

(Level 4)

A private 3 months course to become a Reiki Master. You will get intensive training in traditional and authentic Japanese Reiki methods to have your own Reiki classes.

€1750/ person
installments available
alternative medicine brussels
Healing Professional

A private 3 months all included healer course. Reiki (level 1 – 3) and “energy healing” attunements, meditation classes, and alternative medicine practices for self-healing to healing others.

€1750/ person
installments available
Great facial massage plus reiki! Fantastic experience. I felt the beneficial effects right away. I will definitely come back. Thank you very much! Sara
esse ci
esse ci
November 29, 2023.
I attended to a Healing Professional training with Atsushi san. The atmosphere and hospitality was very welcoming and I would like to highlight Atsushi's vast insight and experience in holistic healing what he shared with me. There was no question which I was not answered. The personal, private training provides great in-depth lexical and practical knowledge, and if you are open-minded, you can also gain special energetic and inner experiences through initiations and shared meditation and energy awareness practices. It was fantastic to gain insight into the body's anatomy and to the energetic systems how to heal the different symptoms with the different techniques we learned, such as traditional reiki, energy healing, oil and moxa therapy. I gained in-depth insights and immediately applicable practices on each of these techniques. I am very-very grateful for the transforming experiences which I got and I would recommend his course whose want to grow and learn in a deep level.
Gábor Szabó
Gábor Szabó
June 19, 2023.
I met Atsushi in a very complicated moment of my life. I decided to take some energy healing sessions to help me deal with my situation and, when I met him for the first time, I knew he could help me. His energy and the energy of the center is pure and beautiful. Since the first Reiki session he performed to me I started to feel the change -and the challenge ahead -. I am certain something was unblocked in me that day. I took more sessions with him and he helped me to slowly start reconnecting again with myself. He is a very inspirational human being, and a very kind and sensitive person. And a great healer, of course! After a few months, I decided to do the REIKI HEALING COURSE with him. I wanted to learn how to heal other people as well, and to do it in a more private way. The course has been life changing - it has transformed my perception of myself, others, and life. Atsushi has helped me find more peace, harmony and happiness while learning how to heal others and also myself. He helped me to connect to what matters most. It is like a new/different way of being 🙂 I am extremely extremely extremely GRATEFUL for this experience. It is very difficult to explain with words how transformative this course is but I would 100% recommend it to anybody interested in Reiki healing. Atsushi is the best person for that. It is a real treasure to have Atsushi in Brussels.
March 7, 2023.
An absolutely wonderful experience! They are so welcoming and kind, and my session with Atsushi was amazing, I felt so much better after. Highly recommend!!
Jennifer Groff
Jennifer Groff
February 17, 2023.
Such a wonderful energy healing treatment with Atsushi! I highly recommend. I loved it so much I booked in another appointment for my husband immediately. Atsushi has healing hands, is very attentive, kind and professional. Thank you Atsushi!
Phoebe Garnsworthy
Phoebe Garnsworthy
October 25, 2022.
Atsushi werkt heel krachtig en geeft advies op maat. Hij is makkelijk bereikbaar en kan vaak op heel korte termijn een afspraak geven.
August 19, 2022.
I can highly recommend the reiki treatment. It was an incredible experience and I felt much lighter and relieved right after the first session.
N. T.
N. T.
August 16, 2022.
Atsushi is a well trained and experienced practitioner. He is straight to the point and make it work. I highly recommned his services, it is great to work with him.
Judith Van De Sanden
Judith Van De Sanden
July 20, 2022.
Authentic methods

My teachers and masters are one of the world’s most eminent in their fields. I share their wisdom as they are.

Japanese Quality

I import most of the treatment materials from Japan. You will experience Japanese quality services.

Peaceful ambience

Our treatment room is a traditional style with tatami mats. The fragrance of Japanese incense will create a unique ambiance.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room is a traditional style with tatami mats. The fragrance of Japanese incense will create a unique ambiance for better relaxation and an exceptional experience.


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