Understand the source of stress
Private Stress management course

There are many ways of managing stress in the world. I am going to introduce an Eastern way of stress management.

How do you work on your stress?
3 types of stress management

A. Find something that makes you happy which refreshes your stress. (e.g. Sports, Parties, or Travelling)

B. Make a logical strategy to manage stress (e.g. Consulting  with Psychologists)

C. Understand the “real” source of stress and work on it. (e.g. Understanding how the mind works and train it so that external conditions do not influence you)

Which way do you prefer to take? If you choose “C”, you will enjoy this stress management course.

You will

  • find how the mind works
  • detect the root cause which causes the stress
  • set a measure not to react to the cause

You will be able to

  • have a different view to your current situation
  • face your issue in a positive manner
  • avoid a negative way of living
For those who chose “C”
how do we train the mind ?

We use a meditation technique to dive into the cause of stress. In Eastern culture, the source of stress is only one. You will detect the source by yourself in our meditation classes. This is not something somebody teaches you, and you remember it as knowledge. You find it by yourself and need to experience the process of softening your stress.

Important things are to

  • be open to the new way of stress management
  • experience it by yourself
  • apply to your life

To take this course, you should

  • be able to have 1 hour/day for a practice
  • be in a situation to apply a new way
  • be open to a new way of thinking


If this is not the case, please consult with me.

Do you maintenance your body and mind?

Let’s learn how to care your body and mind. Even if we are good at stress management, there are always challenges. We need to know how to maintenance the body and mind to keep  healthy and happy life.

You will learn

  • Moxibustion
  • Herbal oil stamp treatment
  • Head massage
  • Food and beverage for lesser stress
  • Behaviour for lesser stress

You will be able to

  • relax to avoid overthinking
  • relax for good sleep
  • stop bad habits
  • avoid worse situations
  • care yourself
To enjoy more
Optional Services

Moxibustion heats and stimulates specific points. It helps open the blockage and balance of your body and mind.

Head and foot massage

Massaging specific points of the head and feet will help clear your mind and release mental stress and tension.

Herbal Stamp therapy

Heating specific points with cotton stamps that contain herbs and oil. It is suitable for calming stress and mental instability.

For Your Best Results
Package Plan
5 Energy Healing Sessions
20% off from regular price
No expiration date
Shareable with your family
Suitable for intensive treatment
Suitable for regular treatments
Energy healing + HOME REMEDY Course
Private 3 classes (6 hours in total)
3 Energy Healing Treatments
Learning 3 types of home remedies
Making Japanese incense for your needs
Suitable for who needs treatment at home
Stress management
Private 5 classes (10 hours in total)
5 Energy Healing treatments
4 hours meditation course
Learning self-care treatments
Suitable for who wants to manage stress