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Have you learned how to Focus?

I had a simple question when I was a little boy. Teachers told me to focus on studying, but “how can I focus?” Most people didn’t learn how to but managed somehow in their way. Don’t you think it is a good idea to teach at school? I kept searching for a training method. It was not taught in a school but a temple in 1992.

One of the biggest problems of losing focus is the random and endless thoughts in your mind. It will constantly distract you from what you want to focus on. The thoughts will pop up like video contents of Youtube or Facebook. Curious videos will be endlessly displayed as long as you scroll. You will need to become aware that it is you who are scrolling it, unless you will keep watching what they want to show you.

There is a practice to increase concentration

There is a simple meditation practice called shamatha in Sanskrit, shyiné in Tibetan, or Shikan in Japanese. You will learn to focus on one point or object. Thoughts will arise, but we practice not to play with the thoughts. You will not be bothered by your auto-generated thoughts. You gain control over your mind. Your mind becomes clearer and sharper. Then, it is easy to focus on one thing in this crystal clear mind. The intensity of focus is not comparable with the uncontrolled mind. 

negative thoughts cannot control you anymore

If you achieve this skill, there is a big bonus other than increasing focus. You won’t be bothered by negative thoughts. It is the negative thoughts that make us overthink and become exhausted. You will find complete rest in this meditation. Actually, there are more big bonuses, but it is more joyful if you find them yourself. So, I should stop here.