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Have you learned how to Rest?

Now you know how to relax and focus. Relaxation is mainly for the body. Focusing is for the mind. Now, we are ready to rest both mind and body together. This is a reward you can get, and it is time to rejoice. 

you become everything

Your body is entirely relaxed and light like a feather. You may not even feel your body. You may feel like you are the air.  Your mind is clear and sharp, not bothered by negative and positive thoughts. Your mind is like the flat surface of the water, a mirror. Rest in this mind state as much as you want. 

5 senses sleep, new perception arises

This is the place where you should take a rest, tea break, sleeping, whatever it is. You should visit this place. You are resting in your pure consciousness. It does not bother you even if you have a physical disorder or disease because you are distant from the disease. Fear and anxiety cannot enter this place because you are away from them. You are safe. You are fortunate if you can find a key to enter this place, and new exciting journey starts from here.