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Is there a way to Sleep deeply?

I know sleeping disorder is painful. It will cause impatience, a short temper, fatigue, and a vicious circle starts. I had been suffering from insomnia for more than 10 years. I still feel I lost an important time of my life. When I finally recovered from it, I could not believe why I had not found the simple solution earlier. 

Fighting in bed

Many experience negative thoughts in bed. An argument at work, financial problems, whatever it is, those will be amplified when we become alone with the mind. As the mind and body are interconnected, these thoughts influence the body, increase the stress hormone, and the body becomes a fighting mode, which is totally the opposite of sleeping.

Bath the mind

In my stress management training, there is a practice to clear the negative thoughts before sleeping. It is like taking a hot soap bath to clean all dirt. We do the same for the mind. Once we release emotional baggage or anything we don’t need for sleep, then we fall asleep. We need to practice it to perform it whenever we need it. It may take time, but you will be better and better every day.

Calm the body

If your mind enjoys drinking alcohol or eating heavy, oily foods at dinner, your body needs to work while your mind is sleeping. That’s why your body wakes your mind up during the night to complain. Even if the mind could sleep, the following day, your body would be exhausted. If the mind is a good friend of the body, you know what the mind should do. 

If we look at the healthy human body, all cells help each other. We are one team. The body and mind should support each other too. This is the simplest answer I realized when I got over insomnia. When there is harmony between body and mind, you can sleep deeply. So, today, let’s talk with your body and mind in meditation.