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Have you learned how to eat?

I think my generation will agree with me. When we were young, we were not allowed to eat while watching TV or reading a book. We could not even talk during eating. We needed to focus on eating silently with an appreciation for the food. I could smile when the food was delicious. It was allowed.

Was it boring?

It may sound boring table, but actually, it was joyful. Do you want to try it? Let’s imagine there is a beautiful fresh watermelon on your plate. You enjoy beautiful many colors, enjoy it. Please bring it toward your mouth, and you will notice the smell of watermelon; enjoy it. Let’s bite it, and the sweetness spread in your mouth. Enjoy it. Then, it passes through the esophagus. Can you feel the rise of satisfaction in your body? Enjoy it. We enjoyed food with 5 or even 6 senses, one by one. Wasn’t it a joyful experience?

Foods have its history

Any food in front of you, there is a history. Let’s imagine a rice grain that was left in your bowl. Farmers who gave literally 24 hours of constant care had grown this rice grain. Many people are involved in collecting, polishing, transporting, cooking, and then it is in front of you. Without their effort, we don’t have the grain of rice. Moreover, we don’t have grain if the earth does not have good soil, water, heat, and wind. Needless to say, if this universe didn’t start unknown years ago, we don’t have the joy of eating.

Appreciation = Smile

So, when we eat food, we appreciate and also contemplate. In Japan, we appreciate people who worked hard for the food and their good caring intentions for us. Some people even contemplate if they are worth eating the products. Then, we can raise modesty in us. Then, we appreciate the food, which transforms into part of our bodies. Then, we remind ourselves again to use our minds and bodies for good. A smile naturally comes because of this opportunity and fortune that we have. Joyful, isn’t it? You will smile for food very much next time. Let’s have a lunch break.