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WHere is the best place to meditate?

We all have something makes our mind irritated. It was a noise to me. It could be loud music from neighbour or car horn from a busy street. As soon as the sound was created, it caused negative thoughts in my mind. As I cared it too much, it even caused me insomnia.

Looking for the calmest place

I had been looking for the best place to meditate (or sleep) when I was young. At that time, I thought the best place was the calmest place, literally no noise.

LONG and wrong JOURNY


I traveled to many places to look for the calmest place. I went to a buddhist temple which was built in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. It must be a silent place, right? Unfortunately, I could not find it the calmest place. It is because the calmer it becomes, the more noise you notice, like breathing sounds who is sitting around you. 

Then, let’s be alone

I started to look for being alone. So, I went to a cave in Spain to experience the calmest meditation just like meditation masters. But, the truth is that it was not the calmest place at all. There were weird wind sound and lots of “insects” in the cave. They constantly bothered me as you can imagine. It was really a busy and lively place.

Alone, No insects, then what?

I finally found a place which is created perfectly no external sound. I went to the Monroe institute in the U.S, Virginia. The institute is located in a mountain and you won’t hear artificial sounds. On top of that, they have a special room covered with copper plate. You won’t believe this, but I even wore a noise cancelling headphone in the room, just in case. So, was that the calmest experience? The answer is no. I heard my loud “inner” voice.I learned that there is no calm place as long as my mind is not calm. This is the conclusion of my long journey.  

We’ve already had the calmness inside

So, I decided to travel in my mind. I was amazed that we already have the calmest state in our mind. Wherever your physical body may be, if the mind is in the calmest place, you can experience the calmness. This is where I want to take you through meditation.